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We are proud to announce the official listing of NAKED DOLLARS on LATOKEN.

Deposits will be open on Nov 21 and trading on Nov 27
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LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto platform focusing on liquidity for new tokens.

50+ mn daily trading volume

120 000 traders already registered

250+ crypto pairs already traded

Asset tokens value $1.2 Trillion by 2025

Besides crypto trading, eligible (according to LATOKEN criteria) LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.
We highly recommend that investors read the Terms of Use document on the LATOKEN website before trading.


Witness First Hand YOUR freedomx getting people off the street & into their new home!

Monitoring progress towards achieving and evaluating the outcome everyday on the freedomx app.

Micro-finance a new business for our rehabilitated HOMELESS people & share in their success!
With either a small business loan, Trading Loan so they can start trading and make money, OR watch them train for a new job within the NAKED Technology ECO SYSTEM in one of our restaurants www.nakedrestaurant.kl or any other of successful fully owned businesses!

Furthermore, the completed transactions are recorded into the blockchain, that ensures there are no discrepancies in the process.

Charity is the most abused industry in the world.

Over 90% of your funds are LOST in a charity organisation and your funds are not recorded or tracked!.

This has caused massive issues and abuse in the charity industry that has resulted in the misappropriation of funds.
Bottom line the people you are trying to help are NOT GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED!
freedomx uses BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY which records your donation on a smart contract, this contract cannot be reversed. It is a permanent record of who sent it and who receives it To find out more about this revolutionary BLOCKCHAIN technology please watch this video;

Some examples of investor Contribution streams creating freedomx COMMUNITIES
  • Send a meal

  • Send a room for the night

  • Send a shower

  • Send clothes

  • Buisness opportunity

The Big Solution

CONDITIONAL ALTRUISM is the only way Charity can be truly effective…
I help you IF you help me!
freedomx is THE Solution!

Non-Profit organisations simply do not work, because there is no benefit for the donator and contributor other than a thought of “I have helped someone less fortunate than myself”
How do you know?
Would it not be better IF you could donate and the person or the family you are helping can turn their life life around and your help will give you a direct benefit…that means you can take a share of their business by investing in them, and you get a return which means you and them CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE and SPREAD THE LUV!
freedomx Recipients are qualified and vetted to receive your help, they are NOT drug addicts or drunks, we TEST them first, then we educate them and mentor them to start their own business and/or learn how to trade cryptocurrency and/or train them for job within the NAKED group of companies
One of our restaurants, where we train new staff in the hospitality business

Watch Video

Key Features

Social network Fundraising

A social network to document and give identity to the 2 Billion unbanked and excluded from society.

EDUCATION Volunteer recruitment

EDUCATION to create a sustainable financial eco system for every homeless individual or family. This will consist of job training & placement in the naked dollar business eco system already existing.

freedomx ANGELS Impact reporting

freedomx ANGELS volunteer network that is REWARDED with freedomx tokens based on merit in the contribution they make to the local community in looking after the elderly , disabled and homeless.

Project managementRehabilitation

Rehabilitation from individual profiling of any emotional and mental issues after drug and addiction testing.

Vendor networkHOUSING

HOUSING to give a home to the most deserving families and individuals and make homelessness obsolete.

Impact reportingRATING SYSTEM

freedomx Company RATING SYSTEM that encourages and forces Corporate & Small business local community funding to accelerate people’s growth and potential



Ξ 100
100 Houses
100 Familes
500 Jobs
100 Volunteers
10 Micro Business (50,000$ Capital)
50 Crypto Traders
Ξ 500
500 Houses
500 Familes
2,500 Jobs
500 Volunteers
50 Micro Business (50,000$ Capital)
250 Crypto Traders
Ξ 1,000
1000 Houses
1000 Familes
5000 Jobs
1000 Volunteers
100 Micro Business (50,000$ Capital)
500 Crypto Traders



Imagine a new, asset-backed cryptocurrency with its own organic ecosystem of fully owned consumer businesses. One that lets you fulfil all your travel, cosmetics, education, property, restaurant, and entertainment needs at wholesale prices while rewarding you with more currency to spend.

Naked Dollars, is the world’s only asset backed cryptocurrency. It already saves our customers over 50% with our award winning restaurants, property and fully licenced ABTA and ATOL compliant travel services.

As a Naked Dollar owner, you’ll own these New Rich List businesses too. Naked Dollars encompass a marketplace where you can earn and spend Naked.

Get Started Your Career! Apply Now

We are looking to expand our Financial Eco-System of Partners, with companiese who award opportunitiese for homeless people.

Become our Financial Eco System Partner

The Leadership Team

The ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Marco Robinson


Marco has reaped financial success primarily from his investment in the property market. Last year he bought 108 properties alone. His investments have made him a self-made millionaire several times over. His career success is not limited to property by any means. He has built several multi-million dollar companies from scratch these include The New Rich List (the first Entrepreneur funder and accel - erator program), the Wealth Revolution Group, Create Demand Incentive Programs, NAKED Tech- nologies; the world’s first asset backed Cryptocurrency, powered by Blockchain Technology with it’s own Eco-System of spending in the Naked Group of Companies. These companies include Naked Restaurant, NKDb cosmetics, NAKED Travel (ABTA & ATOL Bonded) and much more.

His own childhood was traumatic. At 2 years old his mum left his Dad, due to his addiction to gam- bling. Together, Marco and his mother regularly moved from town to town in order for her to find work. Sometimes they even had to sleep in a park to survive. He attended so many different schools that it made keeping up with his peers and forming relation - ships difficult. He was bullied on a daily basis, and because of this played truant most of the time. Desperate to forge a successful career and start providing for his mother, he left school at 16 to find work.

Marco’s first job was as a cleaner in Woolworths. Most of his Saturdays were spent scraping chew - ing gum off the floors. He then got a job stacking shelves in a supermarket, earning him £17 a week, before finding his way into a role a as computer operator for a building firm. One of his favourite jobs was selling clothes in an expensive men’s clothes shop. This earned him £55 a week and taught him the importance of personal presentation, a life lesson he has carried with him ever since. Marco’s breakthrough to success came at 21. After years of grafting he took a direct sales job in the timeshare industry on commission only. He did so well he has head hunted to head the sales and marketing of a public Company, Tanco Resorts BHD, in Malaysia. He took it from 5 million to 100 Million in a year and broke the world record in timeshare sales. He recruited and trained over 4,000 members of staff. In 2000 he left to follow his ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He invested heavily in property and used the profit he acquired to start multiple other ventures in hospitality, retail, beauty and travel, to name a few. Marco now has a net worth of £25 million. He owns homes in Malaysia, Bali, USA and the UK.




Officially dropped out of college with a full scholarship, by choice. Never believed in the formal edu - cation system from early school days, left education for job opportunities with Multinational Corpo- rations at 20. First gig was with HSBC in Asia and was certified as a compliance officer within his first year.

Second corporate stint was with an Australian telco overlooking their setup in Asia, from system setup with bandwidth right up to front end sales. Last and final engagement with the corporate world was with NYSE in Wall St, on the IT side. Came to them as a Knowledge Expert with backend systems and was contracted to their partners, CSC. Along the way with being in the corporate world, Malvindran has been certified by Google for Cloud Computing and holds various certifications from Google for Internet Marketing. Also, an alumni of Google I/O in 2013

Has been a budding enthusiast of cryptocurrency since the days of e-gold & started buying into & getting to know Bitcoin since 2010. A big fan of blockchain and the communities that support it, Malvindran has attended various conferences pertaining to Blockchain including the Blockchain Bootcamp in Luxembourg on October 2016, organised by Luxembourg School of Business. Malvindran conducts trainings for fellow investors within NKD Tech / The New Rich List / Marco Robinson Group of Companies for cryptocurrency & blockchain.

Malvindran co-founded NKD Tech and NKD$ along side both Marco Robinson with the vision to disrupt the financial ecosystem & loyalty marketplace using NKD$

His ideas on the “network effect” expansion and how NKD$ will go on to become a token that will have a sustained shelf life in the cryptocurrency world can be found in the NKD$ white paper.